Why does 1Password force itself to the front?


One annoying thing that I have noticed on the last several updates of 1Password is that immediately after updating 1Password, 1Password forces itself to the front constantly. Quitting and restarting 1Password does not solve it. Only rebooting my Mac solves it. Is there a solution to this other than rebooting my Mac?

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.10.34 (81034039)
Extension Version: 2.25.0
OS Version: Mac OS 14.5
Browser: Chrome


  • ag_tommy


    Please try the following:

    It sounds like your describing what occurs during an update of 1Password or an update of 1Password in the browser. During an update, the communication between the browser extensions and the app is severed by macOS. The following steps will restart that connection.

    1. Look for our helper in the menu bar near the WiFi indicator and the clock. Right-click (Option-click or Control-click) on the helper and select Quit.
    2. Fully quit your browser. There should be no light on underneath the Dock icon.
    3. Wait a few seconds and then open 1Password from the Dock or the Applications folder and unlock.
    4. Open your browser.
    5. Check for proper operation.
  • dt20180905a
    Community Member

    Thanks, I'll give it a try after the next update.

  • Dave_1P


    Sounds good. Let us know how things go. 🙂