Go & Fill opens and focuses on new browser window (tiny-sized) in Firefox

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I found similar issues in the forum, but this issues seems to be slightly different. The fix offered in the other threads (upgrade to extension 3.9.19) does not resolve the below issue.

When using Go & Fill in Firefox, the website will open in a new tab and the login information will populate. In addition, a very tiny-sized new browser window will be launched, appearing as a grey circle in the upper left corner of screen and pull focus--no website is opened in this new window. (If I resize the new window, I can close it. If I click on the new window, it opens in full screen mode). A new tiny new browser window opens in this manner each time Go & Fill is used in Firefox. This issue seems to have emerged in the past 1-2 weeks. In that time, I don't believe I have upgraded the browser or 1Password. I upgraded to the latest stable release of the extension today, but the issue persists.

  • 1Password 3.8.21
  • Firefox 23.0.1
  • Firefox extension 3.9.19
  • Mac OSX 10.8.4


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Could you include a screenshot of what you are seeing? You can take a screenshot by pressing Command-Shift-3. This will take a picture of your screen and save it to your Desktop.

    Then upload the image to any image hosting service — I prefer Skitch myself — and include a link in your reply.

    What do you have "Open Login in…" set to? "New Window", "New Tab", or "Current Tab"? Does the same issue occur if you change that setting?

  • kaijinkaijin Junior Member
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    “Open Login in…” is set to “New Tab”. The same thing occurs if that is set to the other options. Here is a screenshot where you can see the tiny-sized new window--the small grey circle in the upper left hand corner--that launches after using Go & Fill.


    UPDATE: After restarting my computer, the issue now only occurs when Go & Fill is set to “Open Login in New Window”.

  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Thanks so much for that screenshot. I see what you mean there in the corner. I am trying to reproduce this but can't seem to.

    Could you try the latest beta version of the Firefox extension and see if that helps?


    Here is what I'm doing:

    1. I set "Open Login in…" to "…New Window".
    2. I click 1Password's "key" button in Firefox's toolbar.
    3. I select a Login from the "Open Login in New Window" section at the bottom of the popup.
    4. I do that a few times and in new windows each time to see if that makes it happen.

    Are you doing something differently? Please let me know.


  • kaijinkaijin Junior Member
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    I am still seeing this issue in the latest beta of the FF extension. Here is what I am doing to reproduce the issue:

    1. Open the Go & Fill pop-up using my shortcut (FF navigation bar hidden)
    2. Go & Fill set to "Open Login in…" to "…New Window"
    3. Type name of login and press enter
    4. New tab opens and populates login and tiny new blank window appears and pulls focus
  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Hm. I'm still not able to reproduce this, and so far no one else has reported this either. It can be hard to fix something that we cannot reproduce.

    What happens if you create a new Firefox profile and install only the 1Password extension?

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