migrating 1password from macbook to new one with little problem

Using 1password since 4 years now, totally happy
i've bought a new macbook and i was trying to transfer the datas from one to another and a problem occurred.

  1. my 1password is working from firefox (using extension) but when i open the app directly it says it can find the data files.. how do i fix this?
  2. once fixed that how i do transfer datas?



  • khad
    1Password Alumni

    Do you still have access to the first Mac? If so, the easiest way to set up another Mac with the same data file is via Dropbox:

    Set up Dropbox syncing in 1Password

    Then the data file will be available in your Dropbox folder on the new Mac.

    We can export the data from the Firefox extension if necessary, but if you have the full data file on the first Mac it is much easier just to transfer the data file directly.

  • paolonardi
    Community Member

    i can't find the data on my mac..
    how do we get them from firefox?

  • khad
    1Password Alumni

    Do you have access to the first Mac at all? If so, please generate a Diagnostics Report on that first Mac and email it to us (along with a link to this thread) so we can better assist you.

    Download the 1Password Troubleshooting utility and follow the instructions to generate the report.

    Then attach the entire file to an email to us: support@ agilebits .com

    Please do not post your Diagnostics Report in the forums, but please do include a link to this thread in your email so that we can "connect the dots" when we see your Diagnostics Report in our inbox.

    Once we see the report we should be able to better assist you. Thanks in advance!

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