Different master password on different units?

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Hi, just upgraded to 1P4. Looks good except I have one question - the master password seems to now be synched between units.

I really want a different master password on my Mac and on iPhone/iPad - is that still possible?


  • khad
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    From the FAQ:

    The system we had in 1Password 3 where you can have a master password just for iOS devices while using a different one for your computers is no longer used.

    More often than not, it has confused many of our customers, and with a unified experience, it will be easier on everyone using 1Password everywhere.

    If you have 1Password on your computers, 1Password 4 will use the master password of that 1Password app on the computer and that’ll be the same master password everywhere. Note that if you change your master password in 1Password 4 for iOS, it’ll sync the change to your computers as well as other iOS devices.

    If you find it necessary to change your Master Password to something a little easier to type, we have an article that may help you find a great balance between memorable, convenient, and secure.

    Also, we do have a Quick Unlock Code feature to make it easier to use a 4-digit code after you initially unlock with your master password.

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