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I have significant Preferences issues on my my Mac generally - the issues may (or may not) involve 1PW. After multiple attempts to deal with the specific symptoms I have, three different Applecare techs have all come to the solution is a "Clean OS installation". By that I mean Format the HDD, download and reinstall the OS, all applications, and copy data files from a backup. The specific instructions are use Migration Assistant to get my data files back from a Time Machine Backup. The experts are split on also recovering Applications, but everybody says avoid "Users" which contains all the application preference data. Here is a link to version 10.8 of Migration assistant.

See item #14 under Wireless or Ethernet Migration

My 1PW 3.9.6 installation is pretty bland as far as I know. (I tend to stick with defaults.) The only stuff that is less common is I "share" with a 1PW for Windows (my spouse) but that sharing is via DropBox. We both also have iOS devices again via DropBox.

So My question - After I download or Migration Assistant transfer 1PW, how do I associate and "turn on" 1PW? I will need 1PW for all my other software keys, and a ton of information I store their securely.



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    Since you've been syncing via Dropbox, all you need to do after the clean install of OS X is:

    1. Install Dropbox.
    2. Wait for Dropbox to finish syncing.
    3. Install 1Password from the Mac App Store (if you haven't already).
    4. Open 1Password. Your data should automatically be detected.

    That should be it. But please let me know if you run into any trouble. We're always here to help! :)

  • Thank you kind sir.

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    Happy to help. Keep me posted.


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