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I am using 1Password 3.3.1 with Camino 2.0.4 on an Intel iMac running OS 10.6.4 No matter what I do I cannot save or properly submit login information for the web site No matter how I edit the information in the 1Password keychain the fields are improperly filled on the web form. How can one tell if this is an Adobe Flash problem which I suspect it is? In any case, the workaround of copying and pasting from another source defeats the purpose for which I bought !Password to begin with.


  • friscofrog wrote:

    I am using 1Password 3.3.1 with Camino 2.0.4

    Must be a Camino problem - login dropdown works fine for me with Safari
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    I am sorry for the late reply.

    The site is not actually using form element names. There is no way for 1Password to know where to put your information.

    Unfortunately, there are some things that website programmers can do to make it impossible for 1Password to do its job. We are constantly striving for 100% success, but of the over 1 trillion sites on the Internet, there will undoubtedly be some that (often unknowingly) work against 1Password.

    1Password works flawlessly with standards-based HTML forms. Please contact the website owners directly and ask them if they realize that they are using nonstandard markup on their login form which makes life difficult for not only users of 1Password like your yourself but also may create accessibility issues for disabled users employing assistive technology. Many times, companies are not even aware of the problem and are happy to fix it.

    I encourage you to contact them and voice your opinion.
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