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Suggestion Menu Bar Item - For Leopard's Spaces Feature (global availability in each Space)

I use Spaces in Leopard. I would like an easier way of accessing 1Password when the main window or Safari is not on the same space where I am currently working. I have to switch back and forth between spaces in order to access 1Password and then cut and paste or fill in information I need to work with. A menu bar item would be available in each space regardless of which space I am currently working.

FYI: I have been using Keychain Access to store confidential information in Keychain in MacOSX since 10.4 Tiger. I have LOTS of Secure Notes that have info I readily use. Keychain Access has a preference that allows for a Menu Bar Item to access Keychain Access readily from the menu bar. I would use 1Password MUCH more if that capability was a feature.

NOTE: I would like an ability for 1Password to import Keychain items. Then I would stop using Keychain Access altogether.


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    Thank you for the feedback, mwakefield. We don't currently have plans to add a 1Password menu bar item, but we appreciate knowing that this would be of interest to you. You can configure Spaces so that 1Password can work in all spaces, and you can also configure OS X to automatically switch spaces when you cmd-tab to the application.

    It is my understanding that Keychain Access does not provide a way to export its non-password data, like secure notes, in a way that 1Password can understand. I am not sure if it's possible to programmatically decrypt and read the keychain directly, but certainly if it's possible for us to do something, we will.
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    Yes, I am aware that you can access 1Password in Spaces and set it up so that when it is running you can switch spaces automatically when it is active.

    A Menu Bar Item is always available on the Menu Bar (in any Space). You don't have to launch a program in a particular space in order to access it. Maybe assigning a particular key combination to launch 1Password would suffice but I can never remember so many different key combinations to things I don't use readily. 1Password is readily available in Safari as long as it is running. That is not the case if Safari is not running and you are in a different space. You would have to launch 1Password manually in some way (key, click, menu, Applications, Spotlight).
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