Organizing and accessing site credentials

I use 1P primarily (though not exclusively) to manage website credentials. I have a few folders set up for organizational purposes, but my "general" folder probably has 150 sites in it. This means that I have more than a bit of scrolling (or waiting for scrolling, rather) when trying to access a site that is pretty far down the list alphabetically. I know I can tag all of my entries, but I have to say I'm not a huge fan of tags. I never remember what I've tagged something with! And, I know I can always use search, but that isn't the quickest, either.

A feature idea I have is that it might be nice if there were a way for 1P to display a clickable (or hoverable?) alphabet that would take one to the part of the list beginning with that letter. Perhaps that would only come up once one has a certain number (50 or so?) entries in a given folder.

There are probably brighter ideas out there, but as the number of entries increases, we'd benefit from another, faster way of getting through the list.
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