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Suggestion omit/find double entries

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I'm looking for a feature to find double entries.
while maintaining my 1Password entries I figure out that there are a couple of entries with

* same domain
* same user
* same pswd
* same fields

is there/will there be a function to find those doublettes?


  • macpugmacpug
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    Hi iRolf, and welcome to the Forums!

    One feature that I make frequent use of is Smart Folders. Create a Smart Folder (File > New Smart Folder), then you can set your criteria. For example, if you used the same lame password for a lot of sites before you discovered 1Password, and now you want to change them, just create a smart folder using whatever criteria you want -- in this case "password is "your_password" -- and it will return all the sites that have the same password.

    See my screenshot for an example:


    Hope that helps. Cheers!
  • iRolfiRolf
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    hi Cindy,

    thanks for your replay. I think the smart list could do it.
    its not the thing I that does the work for me, but it will show all the stuff I've been looking for.

  • NikNik
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    You're right, Rolf, 1Password doesn't have what you might call proper duplicate detection at this time, mostly because it's not very easy to detect when two items might actually be the same. Still, we hope to implement something that will make locating duplicates easier in the future. In the meantime, we hope that you find this workaround sufficient to get the job done. Glad you found Cindy's instructions helpful!
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