Chrome extension feature request - better support for multiple accounts on the same website

currently, the 1Password chrome extension list of available logins only show the domain of the login. For some websites, however, it's reasonable to have multiple accounts (for example, having both a work and a personal account for, or multiple email accounts at Currently, if you have two logins at the same domain there's no easy way to tell which is which at a glance - you have to view the details of the login, and then either copy-paste or go back and hope you remember if you just viewed the first or second login of that domain. It'd be really useful if the extension showed the username of the login along with the website - so, for example, instead of seeing two logins, I could see one showing my personal username and one showing my work username.


  • Megan
    1Password Alumni

    Hi David,

    Thanks so much for the feature request. The solution I've been using for my multiple Google accounts is to change the title of the entry from the website to something a bit more descriptive: "Google, personal" and "Google, studio" for example.

    I hope this helps, but I'll be happy to pass your suggestion along to our developers.

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