New HD and can't 1Password data file on Time Machine

My HD died so I now have a new HD on my MacBook Pro with Maverick OS. As I am slowly reinstalling data files and applications on my new HD I have not been able to find the data file for 1Password in Time Machine. I do have some 1Password data on my iPad and am wondering if I can somehow transfer files from there. Any suggestions?


  • Megan
    1Password Alumni

    Hi @permagirl,

    Computer trouble is never fun! I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble getting 1Password set up. Let's see if we can't get you set up here.

    Now, the file you are looking for in Time Machine is your 1Password.agilekeychain. If you haven't synced 1Password via Dropbox, your default location for this keychain is: ~/Library/Application Support/1Password/1Password.agilekeychain

    If you are still unable to find it, what version of 1Password are you currently using on your iOS device? If you have 1Password 4 for iOS installed, we can sync your data into Dropbox, and then use that data in 1Password 3. (See this guide to help with that:

    Please let me know if you have any questions! :)

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