Importing Roboform data

I recently installed iPassword for Windows to import RoboForm data. Purchased the Mac version and once that is up and running plan to buy 1Password for iPad, Android and, of course Windows. Installed RoboForm 6.9.99 on the Windows machine.

Exported the list and have huge issues with some fields not importing correctly. First, the notes field in Roboform doesn't import into the notes field in 1Password. My guess is the htm field name is wrong. I can fix this if I knew the proper field name to do a find/replace on. Have tried "Notes$" and "Notes" but neither of these work. This is a huge problem.

The second huge problem is that very often either the username or password or both do not import correctly. More often than not what happens is that the Notes are imported as username and the username is imported as password. Not sure how to fix this one except by brute force.

I suspect there are other fields that are did not import correctly.

All in all, well over 300 (maybe many more) passcards do not import properly into 1Password.

How can I solve these problems?

Thanks for assistance!

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