app disabled but extension still working, where are those PWs stored?

need help!
a year ago (or so) i had a very weird issue with dropbox where i had to delete everything off it, including, accidentally, my 1PW file. i forgot to change the settings in my app before doing this. it seems the 1PW database was wiped, but the safari extension kept working fine, it'd fill, it'd take new entries. it did have a little error notification badge on it that would say it couldn't find the db anymore but i was able to just ignore this (of course i couldn't sync, use the pws on other devices, etc). i'd sent a support email a few months ago worrying that this would bite me in the ass someday and wanted to find where the extension was storing the files and see if i could import them back into the app somehow.

well, now this morning i'm getting the problem that seems frequent with the extension login panel giving me a "connecting, 1 2 3 4 5 6 ... ∞". i think perhaps something just updated itself because also this morning when i opened safari it automatically went to a 1PW/agilebits website - this one - or at least it seemed like it was automatic, i didn't intentionally go there, or click on anything.
oh oh -well, i did also just empty all my cookies right before that.....

anyway, that's my problem, no backup db, i think i may have just dumped the browser stored data (was it in a cookie/db?)

if so, is there a way to restore that? ugh.

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