help me restore my sanity - IE browser extension gone

CarlCarl Just Me
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Windows 7 SP1

Had IE8 - worked fine

Installed IE11

Uninstalled IE11

IE8 was restored

Started IE8 and went through the customize

1Password Browser extension missing :(

Tried everything I can think of. (reinstalled 1P, cleared IE settings, toggled the IE option in the 1P prefs about 50 times, rebooted)

No matter what I try I cannot get the 1P extension to show up when I look in Manage Add-Ons in IE. (and obviously no 1P icon)

Suggestions on restoring???

Read all the links/docs/faqs I found here to no avail :(


  • CarlCarl Just Me

    Sanity restored. Apparently windoze set it so 64-bit IE was launching. Reverted to 32-bit IE and all is well. Posting in case anyone else runs across this. Check you About screen.

    On another note, I noticed that my login for these forums (50 character password) works fine in Firefox but not IE.

  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    edited March 2014

    Thanks, @Carl. I'm glad you got it straightened out!

    The note at the end of the IE part of the "Where is the 1Password button in my browser?" article in the "FAQ" section of the user's guide, accessible from the Help menu and in the Support area of our web site, might've steered you in the right direction.

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