Can't get license key

Just purchased a family license from the AgileBits website. We purchased version 4, as our newest laptop is Maverick. We don't have it installed there yet. But we have another Mac laptop and my Mac desktop that run Snow Leopard and Lion, so we downloaded the legacy 3 version onto those computers. When following the link we downloaded the license file, but when double-clicking that as instructed, we get some kind of code text file that doesn't do anything.

How can we get a copy of our license key? And will the same key work for the ver 4 when we install it on the newer laptop?

My husband used his name and email to purchase, btw.


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    Please send in a email to support with all the relevant purchase info. The key for v3 will need to be manually issued by the staff. v4 went to a file based system for the key and it is not backwards compatible w/ v3.

    Please include a link to this topic so that they can connect the dots. I recommend sending in the email from his account so the support request can be tracked and the license issued more easily. Without the need for followup emails which may ask for the same thing e.g. sending from the purchasers email.

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