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Most login forms nowadays have the 'Remember me' checkbox that keeps you logged in for 30 days or whatever. On general security principle, I find it's better to not check them when I save logins in 1Password. However, sometimes I'd like to have the form remember me, but it's a pain to do so because autofilling unchecks the box and then autosubmits. The only solution, as far as I can tell, is to disable autosubmit, then autofill the form, then manually check the box, submit, then re-enable autosubmit. A better solution would be for autofill to not change the current setting of the 'Remember me' box, so you can just check it first and then autofill+autosubmit. I imagine this could be done either by allowing particular form elements to be ignored by the autofill, or by just adding specific logic for the 'remember me' box.



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    Hi Zortrium,

    You should be able to achieve the desired results by editing the login and removing the field for the "remember me" box. Unfortunately, because we have no control over the millions and millions of websites that exist, the field will likely have a different name on each site. You can always look at the source for the login page in question, but you might also be able to simply deduce it on your own. For example, if you have a login with three fields saved and the first two are the username and password, it is quite likely that the third one will be that checkbox. Removing it from the login should leave its state untouched.

    Please be aware that sites use cookies to keep track of your "remember me" state which make this a bit more complicated (if not impossible in some circumstances).

    I hope that helps. Please let me know how it goes or if there is a specific URL you are having trouble with.

    Cheers! :-)
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