Feature Request: Hide wallet items

Extending the feature to hide logins to wallet items
I love using 1Password to manage my credit cards. However, I don't like to delete old credit cards from 1Password as I like to keep a record of old credit card numbers through 1Password. Since these old numbers are not valid could there be a way to hide these from the browser extension? Currently I just suffix the wallet entry with (Inactive) so I can distinguish them from active credit cards.

This ability is already present for login items though the "Display" options.


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    Not a bad idea at all, sir. I will also pass this along to the devs. My list is not very long, but I could see this being useful.

  • khad wrote:

    Not a bad idea at all, sir. I will also pass this along to the devs. My list is not very long, but I could see this being useful.


    Dear Agile guys,
    Sorry if this is a dumb question but my quick search here did not result in answer.
    Is there a way to prevent Credit Cards to show up in the 1P browser plugin drop down list?
    I want to store my CC info in 1P and I like that you created a CC type of info in Wallet, but I still do not want to have it so easily accessible as normally I do not lock my screen and anyone having access to it could go to a web site and fill in my CC info.
    Probably there is an easy way, I just overlook it.
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    Hi Zsolt,

    At this time there is not a way to lock (or disable) credit cards apart form locking 1Password completely. Please consider the auto-lock and unlocking options provided (Preferences > Security).

    If "Disable automatic unlock for 1Password" is enabled you will always be prompted to enter your master password when opening 1Password. This includes quitting the app and relaunching it.

    Likewise, if "Disable automatic unlock for all applications" is enabled you will always be prompted to enter your master password when using one of the browser extensions after a fresh launch of your browser(s).

    So any easy way to keep praying eyes at bay is to leave both of the above settings enabled and quit 1Password and your browsers when you are done using them. Your data will be locked.

    Otherwise, you are relying on the auto-lock settings to secure your data which will either lock your data after X minutes of inactivity, when your Mac begins to sleep, or when the screen saver is activated whichever of the selected options comes first.

    To speed up the auto-lock process you might consider the following.

    1. Set an Active Screen Corner for you screen saver and activate the screen saver when stepping away from your Mac (System Preferences > Exposé and Spaces > Exposé > Active Screen Corners).

    2. Close the lid of your Mac laptop to put your Mac to sleep.

    3. Activate the login window when stepping away from your Mac (System Preferences > Accounts > Login Options > "Show fast user switching menu as…")

    The above three options will also secure your entire OS X login if you have enabled "Require password … after sleep or screen saver begins" (System Preferences > Security > General). You are using a good, unique password for your OS X login, aren't you? :-)
  • Hi Khad,
    First of all thanks for your reply.
    Locking the 1P is not really the way I want it, because I have lot of sites and accounts I need to log in and out and this is why the 1P is so convenient to me. But most of these web sites are not that critical from security point of view so I have no concerns there.
    But the credit card is very much a concern.
    So what happens is that I have the critical and noncritical information placed one beside the other and I can either lock both, or leave both unlocked and this is not convenient.

    The other categories like secure notes do not appear on the list, I'm not sure why did you pick exactly the credit card to be (to) easily assessable, maybe you want encourage the people to spend :-)

    Anyway, then if possible I would file a feature request where you could specify for each information category whether you want it to appear as submenu in 1P browser plugin menu or not.
    And for the time being I will simply move the CC info into a secure note.

    Keep up the good work,
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    In general, I only have 1Password unlocked when I am actually at my computer, so I don't have a concept of critical or noncritical information. It is all critical to me :-) , so I lock 1Password when I am not actually sitting at my computer.

    The credit cards are available in your browser in order to fill forms on the web. Secure Notes cannot be easily filled on a web form because the data is not formatted in any way. There would be no way to know what information to put where. :-)

    If you have no desire to fill your credit card information into a web form, I think that storing the information as a Secure Note is a great idea. From a human-readable standpoint, you still have all of your data (and can format it in the note however you wish), it is just not "computer-formatted" for filling and will therefore not show up in the credit cards submenu in your browser.

    We will look into adding a Display value for Credit Cards as we have for Logins.

  • robrob Agile Customer Care

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    For anyone watching this thread, just wanted to let you know that this feature will be available in the next stable release of 1Password!
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    Thanks Rob, for the heads up.
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    Wasn’t aware of either of these features before I stumbled across this thread. Very nice. I’m too much of a pack-rat to want to delete expired accounts and cards from my keychain, but it’s nice to be able to banish them from the browser extension.
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