Cannot attach Numbers spreadsheet to a Secure Note

I am running 1Password 3.8.21 on a new iMac, which runs OS X 10.9.3. I cannot attach a Numbers spreadsheet to a Secure Note in 1Password. When I try, I get a dialog box stating the "File is a bundle or folder. Attachments must be regular files." I did not have this problem on my older, pre-Mavericks iMac. Any ideas???


  • ag1pwun
    Community Member

    Numbers (and Pages) files are actually "packages" consisting of multiple folders. I had thought they were constructed that way for some time now so I'm not sure why you were able to attach them prior to OSX 10.9.x. I cannot attach them in 1Password for Mac v4 either. I can, however, zip the file and attach it in 1P v4.

  • Hi @triffid,

    Like mentioned above, Numbers (version 5) and other newer iWork documents are folder bundles (containing multiple files), therefore 1Password won't support attaching them (same in version 3 and 4). Folders and folder bundles need to be archived as a single file (e.g. ZIP format) before they can be attached to 1Password.

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