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Vault not found in Dropbox


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  • mtharikamtharika
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    this issue is happening to me as well, i use 1password , OS android, after logging in i go to settings>sync> switch sync on >press merge>sync using dropbox> then i have to select vault ,where can i find it,plus i got the message "a 1 password vault wasn't found please make sure you are using the correct dropbox account ..."i m using the correct one

  • pemzpemz
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    I also see this problem. Being new to 1Password I don't currently have any vault setup on Dropbox. Using the Android app I have added data. Now I want to backup this to Dropbox to use elsewhere.

    Is this procedure the correct way to back up to Dropbox? Or is the merge only possible one way using an existing vault. Currently it seems to me like the merge tool requires an existing vault to work. For me and anyone new to 1Password (using only the Android app first) we wont have a vault available on Dropbox.

  • Sébastien PrunierSébastien Prunier
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    Same problem too, I've 1password for windows and I sync it with my dropbox but it's impossible to sync from android, message : A 1password vault wasn't found in this folder. Please check that you have the correct location."

    I have dropbox app, it's the correct account and correct folder, the same I use to sync with Windows.

    Nexus 4 - OS Version : 4.4.3 - 1password app version : 26

  • mverdemverde

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    edited June 2014

    We plan to add support for creating new sync files in a future update, but for now 1Password 4 for Android requires an existing .agilekeychain folder in order to sync. For new users who do not have a .agilekeychain folder already, it is possible to create one with the desktop versions of 1Password. If you don't need a desktop version at this time, you are welcome to use a trial version to create the .agilekeychain folder in your Dropbox account.

    For existing users, 1Password 4 for Android looks specifically for a folder with the .agilekeychain extension. If you have already checked that you are using the same Dropbox account and pointing to the same location in that account on each of your platforms, then we may need to get you to generate a diagnostic report in order to determine the cause of the issue. Please contact us at [email protected] and we will be happy to walk you through this process.

  • sanysany
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    Same problem! When I enable sync it takes me to dropbox and asks me to select folder. Which one I am supposed to select? So I created a new folder in Dropbox and came back and enabled sync again, and selected the newly created folder... It says sync folder not found.
    Now how do I save all my password just in case I am going to lose my phone or break it?
    Where is the password file located in my device at least I will try to preserve it!
    Also what is local sync, even this does not do anything!?

  • RichardPayneRichardPayne
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    Frankly @mverde, I'm very surprised that you went live without the ability to create a vault. It fundamentally cripples the new user experience which is critical for all the, hopefully, masses of new users being on the Chrome store will attract.

  • mverdemverde

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    When determining when to release 1Password 4 for Android, we had to decide whether to wait until the ability to sync to a new vault was ready. We chose to release without it so that our existing 1Password Reader users wouldn't have to wait any longer for a more up-to-date and modern user experience. In doing so though, we recognized that this presented new users with the limitation of not being able to sync to a new vault. We've been working on adding this capability and it will be added to a beta version of 1Password 4 shortly.

    In the meantime, if you are a new user and do not have an existing vault that you are syncing with, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] and we would be happy to walk you through the process of using the trial version of one of our desktop apps to create a new vault.

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