Troubleshooting Bonjour

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1Password relies on Bonjour service to find the iPhone application.

Please see this page for information about troubleshooting this service:


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    I found an interesting Bonjour bug. It seems that if you have a dual band AEBS and have your Airport set to connect with the 5GHz only band then 1Password and a number of other Bonjour services are not available from the LAN. If you have a dual band AEBS go to Wireless Options and check the 5GHz network name box. Watch what happens in Bonjour Browser when you switch from 2.4GHz to 5GHz networks. Both networks are on the same LAN but something in Bonjour is broken here.
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    Interesting find, Ill have to give it a look when I get home this coming weekend. This could explain some flakey problems I have had w/ bonjour, not related to 1P.
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    I've consistently had problems trying to sync 1Password automatically, and always need to sync using my device's Ip address. I read one of the posts in this forum telling me how to confirm that Bonjour is active by using the Activity Monitor. I followed the steps, and found out Bonjour wasn't active. In talking with Apple's support staff, the person indicated that Bonjour will only activate itself when connecting to a printer, keyboard or other devices with the exception of an iPod Touch. Bonjour isn't active all the time. The person told me it is not possible to connect an iPod Touch using wifi unless the user has a Mobile Me account or is part of some larger wifi network.

    Apple support said that having wifi in my home by using a modem with a wifi adaptor doesn't provide the wifi network an iPod Touch would need to sync. Apple said the iPod Touch will only sync with the adaptor cord. (That isn't completely true if you sync 1Password using the ip address.)

    If someone does know a work around it'd be useful if they'd post it. Thanks in advance.
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    Thank you all for your advice and leads. I'm still trying to work on this but so far have had no luck. I'll keep trying and if I find a solution I'll post it.
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