Feature Request: Barcodes for membership and loyalty cards in 1Password



  • Gregs
    Community Member

    Please add a new field type for barcodes. I realise there are 30+ types of barcodes, so perhaps start with the most popular today - the QR codes - that would be massive improvement!!! Later, you could allow scanning it, and expand the range, but native support would be so much better than the clunky attachments. Pretty please!

  • :+1: :)


  • Matthias_Autrique
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    solid +1, I use 1password both professionally and on family basis, I share membership cards of stores with both colleges and partner. can be a new fieldtype, but a 'show as barcode' in the field dropdown will do perfect as well. The scanner to import te barcode you already have in place in the 'One Time Password' field type.

  • ag_ana
    1Password Alumni

    Thank you for chiming in on this as well @Matthias_Autrique :+1:

  • ElectricPickle
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    Wow, original threat started in 2014, and still being upvoted today with no action / resolution? Disappointing. Let's extend the streak to 7 years in 2021!!

  • ag_ana
    1Password Alumni

    Thank you for the feedback as well :+1:

  • jjmz
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    +1 - I would love to see this as well!

  • ag_ana
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    edited June 2021

    Thank you @jjmz, noted :+1: :)

    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#19

  • tmakaro
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    I would love barcode support for all my loyalty cards. Most of my loyalty cards are just listed as logins since they do have web logins. It would be nice for just a barcode field that I could put on anything, and then display large to take up most of the screen (whilst hiding other private info) for scanning.

  • Thanks @tmakaro. Definitely a neat idea. :+1:


  • beerito
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    Is there a +1 goal that we need to reach to get this feature? I’ll give one +1 to be able to show an image of a card/ barcode

  • ag_ana
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    There is no +1 goal, but I have added you to the list of users who would find this useful :+1:

  • dorfmeister
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    edited December 2021

    Been watching this thread for a few years as a potential customer. When I saw the membership card section (trial), i was really hoping this was implemented. For several of my membership cards, it's either scan the bar code (not the QR code) or walk to the customer service desk with the number. I found KeyRing https://apps.apple.com/us/app/key-ring-reward-cards/id372547556 seems to do bar codes OK, but i don't want to subscribe to overlapping services. Given this thread and the 2014 thread history, I assume this is not a priority at all for 1password.

  • ag_ana
    1Password Alumni


    Indeed it doesn't look like this is a priority, but thank you as well for the feedback, I will let the developers know that you would also like to have this :+1:

  • johnnet7
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    It's been 8 years since it was first requested. But still no update?

  • vuckovic
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    I would teach a doberman to program this by now. Honestly.
    I use 1P for everything but I need separate app for the damn cards which are punching my pockets.
    It was same with 2FA. Philosophical article from your CEO on ‘why you will not implement 2FA’ and few years later here we are. With 2FA implemented. Please stop inventing your own priorities and start listening more. Microsoft learned that the hard way.
    Thank you.

  • lupolucio
    Community Member

    I would love for this feauture to be added to 1password. Would you consider adding it to the roadmap following the 1password 8 Android update?

  • passwordsbeegone
    Community Member

    +1. This feature seems like a perfect fit for 1Password. More stores are doing this lately in their own apps, would be nice to just use 1password and not have to keep a Million apps on my phone.

  • DoubleJ
    Community Member

    +4 for our family as well. Stocard user but would love to have it all in one place for easy tracking and sharing. Pretty disappointing to see this request has been open for so long. Just think of the additional customers that would be attracted to the product by offering this additional functionality!

  • Dave_1P
    edited April 2022

    Thank you everyone for your feedback! I'd added your requests for this feature to our internal tracker. 😊


    ref: IDEA-I-305

  • ich
    Community Member

    Would love that feature as well!
    Especially as stocard is now part of the Klarna company… That’s a nightmare …

  • Thanks for your +1 here, @ich! I've also added your details to our internal tracker for this feature request.

  • maximvandamme
    Community Member

    +1 Why hasn't this been added yet?

  • @maximvandamme

    Thank you for your vote, I've added it to the feature request as well. 😊

  • astephen2
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    I’d love this too!

  • @astephen2

    I've added your +1 to the feature request. 😊

  • broker777
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    I’ve been a 1Password user for many years, and use it for everything between my family. This is the last hill that hasn’t been conquered by 1Password. Let’s push ahead and drive out the rest of the apps!

  • @broker777

    Thank you for the feedback! 😊

  • frog0plu0flah
    Community Member

    This is a long awaited feature for me. This would make my handbag a lot lighter. I'd like to leave all membership/loyalty cards at home and don't feel safe enough to collect them in a separate unknown app. I see it as a big missed opportunity that you haven't added this yet.

  • gdruce
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    edited January 15

    Keen to retire Stocard and avoid having organization records in two places.