Unable to unlock after master password change

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I have 1Password 5 on Yosemite. After I changed my master password, I found was unable to log in to the app. I was, however, able to log into 1Password mini with the new password. I restored my last backup using my old password and now I am very afraid to change my master password. What gives?


  • BTW, I am syncing via Dropbox to my Windows 8.1 laptop as well as iPhone and iPad.

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    Hi @Poindexter‌,

    1Password mini is the central brain for everything related to 1Password. If it works in 1Password mini, that is the same as unlocking the main 1Password app.

    The fact it behaves differently suggests is that you have two separate 1Password minis running at the same time, the main 1Password app was connected to the different mini.

    Try opening your Trash folder and see if there is a copy of 1Password( 5).app file in there. If yes, make sure nothing else related to 1Password is in there beside the app file and empty your trash. Once you empty your trash, reboot your Mac, and it should fix the problem.

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