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On the Amazon marketplace I see "1Password Reader", and on Google play I see "1Password". Both of the applications are released by agilebits. What is the difference between these two applications, and why aren't they both available on both market places since they are both for Android devices?

If they are the same, then that begs the question of why there are two different names, and icons for each one. To be honest, the word "Reader" implies to me that it won't allow me to interact with my data beyond reading it, which is NOT something that I'm ok with. I want the full application, but I'd much prefer that I purchase it from Amazon since my wife uses the same Amazon account on her phone.

Finally, let me say that hiding the application's price behind an in-app purchase was quite sneaky. I purchased the Windows version thinking that I was getting the android version free. Then I download the android version from Google only to find out that I will have to pay an additional $4.99. It would have been much better had you simply provided the application as an outright purchase, not as a free app with a time-limit. But since you are doing the in-app purchase route, then I highly advise that you include the purchase price in the applications description, and make it so that it is plain to see. (Meaning put it near the top of the description.)

Lastly, I understand that you provided forums for the users to communicate, but not providing users a means of contacting you via web-form, or email is very shoddy customer service, and an underhanded trick to shirk customer service off onto your user community. This kind of tactic does nothing to establish my trust in your company, or its products.

You work hard to establish a brand name that people can trust. But things like what I'm complaining about above can be very detrimental to your company in the eyes of a new customer. We are talking about a security based application, yet I have gotten no feeling of security from your companies method of handling customers. Take that to heart, and do with it what you will, but you needed to be made aware of the issues. But whatever you do, please do anwer my first couple of questions at least.


  • The 1Password Reader is the older software. It is indeed readonly and has been completely superseded by the newer "1Password" app.

    As far as I'm aware they don't support the Amazon app store, although it's something that has been requested before.

    On the in-app purchase thing:
    Quoting from the Google Play app page:


    Unlock the full power of 1Password 4 and make changes on the go with a single in-app purchase—no subscriptions. Create new passwords, edit existing items, mark items as Favorites for quick access, and more!

    _- Add new items like Logins, Secure Notes, and Identities right from your Android device

    • Generate strong, unique passwords for every site with our Strong Password Generator
    • Mark your most-used items as Favorites for quick access
    • Organize your items into Folders
    • Customize your items to save everything you need_

    Note that they aren't hiding the price. I think it's fairly clear that those features are not free.
    The app is free to download and use without features noted as being tied to an in-app purchase. Essentially, all of the previous "reader" functionality is free and they're charging you to edit your data and generate passwords.
    If they were to charge up front for the software there would be downsides for some people. Firstly, you'd not be able to trial the software and second you'd have to pay for the reader functions which are currently free.

    That said, Agilebits seem to be fairly accommodating when it comes to refunding unhappy customers.

    I do agree with you though on the lack of email address on their support page. It really should be there.

  • And just to clarify, while I can see why you'd think they are palming their support responsibility off on to the user community, that's really not the case. It is very rare that a thread here doesn't get responses from Agilebits staff, including devs. Yes, sometime us users get there first and there's nothing for the staff guys to add but that's rare.

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    Hi @Magius96,

    @RichardPayne did an excellent job of summarizing the differences in 1Password and 1Password Reader (thank you!). 1Password Reader is an outdated application which is no longer in development. It is also correct that we do not currently support the Amazon Appstore, but we have noted that many of our customers would love to be able to purchase through the Amazon Appstore, and are considering supporting it in the future. I'll add your vote.

    With regards to the Premium features being an in-app purchase, we went that route so that our customers would have the ability to test out 1Password in it's free mode without having to commit to purchasing right away. We didn't intend for this to be a sneaky move. Our goal was to ensure that 1Password's Reader features were available for free. We included this information in the 1Password description in the Play Store, and stated that there was an in-app purchase, in order to be aboveboard. I'm sorry if you felt that we were trying to be sneaky. Thanks for your suggestion to make the price more obvious in the product description. I'll forward it to our developers.

    Due to an influx of support request emails following the releases of iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, and 1Password 5 (which was also released as a free iOS app for the first time), we deliberately directed customers to our forums, which are staffed and moderated. This way, our answers can reach many customers at once. We still do direct people to our support email when necessary. We are not trying to shirk our customer service responsibility, but to help as many users as possible in a reasonable amount of time.

    Thanks for contacting us! I hope I was able to clarify things a bit. :)

  • @peri I do think that your website could be a little more explicit to routing people here for support, if you want this to be the primary place for customers to engage with Agilebits. It's not particularly clear when you go to the Support section on the main website that that is what was intended.

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    Hey, @RichardPayne. Over the last few days, we've changed the wording on our AgileBits Support page in order to make it more clear that our Customer Support team is here to answer questions at any time.

    We hope this language makes it more explicit that people should seek help here, but we always welcome feedback.

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