Creating UK Specific bank account Types

Creating Wallet Items that are UK specific.
Hello All,

I just want to thank everyone involved in the development of this wonderful and useful product. Thank you.

My question is as follows. I purchased 1password back when it was in the beta stage. Back then there was an account type under "Add Wallet Item" called "Bank Account (UK)" I have several UK and US bank accounts and at that time I was able to add one of my UK accounts under this label.

The main difference I noticed between this type and the regular account type is the replacement of Routing number with Sort Number and Checking with Current on the type drop down box. I know it is not such a huge deal, but having a specific type for UK accounts felt to me much neater and tidier. Also the label of "Bank Account (UK)" on the type column of the Wallet Items page made it much easier to pick out one account from the other.

I just now tried adding a new UK account and discovered that it seems the UK type was removed and I can no longer find any way to create it. And since there is no cloning feature for items I cant just copy the ones I was able to create in the past and make new ones. The ones that have already been created still show up and correctly display the Sort number and current type within them.

Am I missing something? Was this feature removed? And if so could it be brought back please? Its a minor issue but It did make my user experience much more organized being able to correctly label my accounts.

Hope to hear from you all soon, thank you!

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