1Password no longer accepts my Master Password

Adam Miramon
Adam Miramon
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I have upgraded all of my computers to Mac OS Yosemite. I am able to use my Master Password on my iMac at the office, my MacBook Air, and my new iPhone. However, I am unable to access 1Password using the Master Password from my iMac at home. I type in the password (that works on all the other devices) and 1Password tells me that the Master Password in incorrect. I have deleted all previous versions of 1Password and reinstalled them, and I am running the most current version of Mac OS on all devices. I back up my password file using iCloud.

Please help be resolve this problem.



  • Stephen_C
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    I have three brief tips:

    1. Have you recently changed your master password on one or other device? If so, try using the old password and see if that works.
    2. This knowledge base article contains some hints for cases when the master password is not accepted.
    3. Finally (I know, I know!) type your master password in plain text in something like the Notes app and copy and paste it to 1P. That will definitely confirm that the master password you can see is correct is not being accepted. (Please don't think I'm doubting you: it's just a final check.)


  • littlebobbytables
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    Hi @Adam Miramon

    Please let us know how you get along.

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