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Cannot use cmd-\ shortcut on a pinned tab when first loading Chrome

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1. I created a pinned tab to
2. Then I quit Chrome so it's not running.
3. I open up Chrome again and the pinned tab appears with Gmail as expected
4. WIth the login prompt on the page, I press cmd-\ shortcut key. It does not work at this point.
5. If I refresh the screen (I clicked on the address bar, and pressed enter), then the shortcut key works. I can also use the extension icon near the address bar just not the shortcut key. I tried it a few times, and it seems consistant for me.

I used:
Snow Leopard 10.6.6
Chrome 8.0.552.237
1Password 3.5.1 build 30802


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    Welcome to the forums, chrisl. I'm sorry you are having this problem. I am not able to reproduce this behavior with the latest version of 1Password. Please update 1Password. You might even need to uninstall and reinstall the Chrome extension after doing so.

    Please let me know how it turns out.
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