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General question
Hey, you guys (great guys!) at Agile keep a database of problematic login pages?

I guess you do, of course, but do you share it with your users? If so, where?

And if not, can you? or will you?

I understand, there may be marketing/competitive issues with that, but transparency has its merits!

In any case, keep up the good work, and thanks for 1Password on Mac (I can't speak for the other products).


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    Thanks for the kind words, evol! :-)

    We don't have an exhaustive list, per se, since there are over a trillion(!) pages on the Web. We do maintain our own internal tracker where we monitor specific issues (that often appear on multiple sites). This would likely not be as useful to our users as a list of sites, since without knowing a thing or two about how our form-filling code works and interacts with the HTML/JavaScript/etc. on each site, it would be nearly impossible for a typical user to benefit from the information.

    There is nothing stopping you from creating a public, collaborative tracker with a list of specific URLs, though. I say go for it if you want!
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