AgileBits should do a better job of explaining the iCloud situation upfront

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    With all of the different threads in this forum with the same problem, wouldn't it make sense for basically, on the Homepage of agile, the very first thing people see is if they want iCloud sync they must buy it from MAS? I even watched your video and no mention in it either. No links to that knowlegebase article linked in the thread I could find. You have to click on the download Mac version, then read the whole page, scrolling down because at the very BOTTOM it says "One tap lets you use Apple's cloud to sync between Mac and iOS. Mac App Store version required". It seems many people do not read to the bottom of your page.

    Wouldn't it save agilebits a lot of time and money here in support, let alone the billing dept, even some angry customers, confused customers, frustrated customers etc… if the first information on your homepage for Mac buying page for 1PW etc… just tell the people the iCloud sync is ONLY available to 1PW users if they buy 1PW from the Mac Apple Store?

    There are so many threads of I bought from How do I getcredit credit? How do I get iCloud sync etc… I get how buying from your site is more profitable, with no Apple 30% cut on MAS. But man the time your support people here keep posting the same responses must be of concern for you folks.

    I'm a many year user of 1PW from v3. Computers, iOS devices, got many people to buy 1PW - it just works so to speak… This post came to me as one of my MacBook Pros I use died, so I replaced it, set it up entering AppleID, then download from my Purchased list on the MAC 1 Password - opened, entered my 1PW password and instantly all my passwords populated 1PW back from iCloud.

    A simple alert, first thing visitors see on the TOP of your homepage of agilebits - for those wanting iCloud sync go to MAS to buy and read this Knowledgeable article link first - wouldn't that save you and users so much time?

  • Hi @DTM,

    Thanks for your suggestions and feedback, we appreciate it.

    Yes, we could've done a better job for sure. This is the first time we had this type of situation where a certain feature would have to require a separate version and that we can't help with switching versions freely. We're learning from our mistakes here to try to correct it in the near future. Right now, we're mainly focused on supporting our customers as they write in and once things stabilize, we will try to update our site and improve.

    Majority of the issues are resulting from the current customers trying to keep using their iCloud sync as they upgrade to 1Password 5, not first time customers. For these folks, the message on top of the page wouldn't get to them because 1Password 5 is a free upgrade and they just have to update the app instead. We need a better way to approach this from within the app or elsewhere.

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