iPad crashing when trying to use url's from within app.

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Installed 1password on an iPad yesterday and I would like to report the following crash/bug.

When going to an url from within the app using credentials the app seems to crash after pressing the 'close button' on the embedded browser.

I'm guessing this is a known bug but I though I would report it anyways.


  • Nik
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    Welcome to the forums, Mateh. Are you using the standard version (1Password for iPad) or pro (1Password Pro)? It shouldn't matter, but I'd like to try to recreate the problem in the same environment. Which version? (If you just downloaded it yesterday you'll have the latest version, but if you downloaded it using iTunes on your Mac or PC some time ago and didn't update it, it's possible to have installed an older version on your iPad.) Does this happen with every login item/web site, or just particular ones? Does it happen in both portrait mode and landscape mode, or does it not matter?

    I tried to reproduce this problem using 1Password Pro on my iPad, but was not able to.
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