I have lost data on my mac but all data still remains on my Iphone . . how do i restore back ?

Any help would be appreciated , I gave up trying to import old mac book data to new macbook. Old macbook is not available


  • We really need more information in order to help you. Please tell us:

    1. what version of 1P you use on your Mac, and whether you bought it from the AgileBits store or from the Mac App Store;
    2. what version of 1P you use on your iOS devices (go to the 1P Settings screen and look towards the bottom of it for the version number);
    3. what method you previously used to sync your 1P data (wifi, Dropbox or iCloud, for example);
    4. your OS X and iOS version numbers.


    1. Version 3.8.20 (build 31499) on my mac I'm guessing I would have bought it straight from Agilebits store about 3 years ago
    2. Version 3.7.2 on the iPhone and Ipad
    3. I don't recall . . but phone was configured for wifi sync so I'm guessing that is how I did it in the beginning
    4. OS X on macbook is 10.9.5 and on I OS 8.1.3

    Thanks Christopher

  • @christopher77 I have moved the thread to the 1P3 for Mac forum as you're using 1P3 and will get more help here. Sorry I can't help you more but it's been so long since I last used 1P3 I don't think I could offer safe advice. :)


  • MeganMegan

    Team Member

    Hi @christopher77 ,

    Thanks for getting back to us with those details! With the newer operating systems that you are using on your MacBook and iOS devices, I would suggest considering an upgrade to the newer versions of 1Password, as you might see better behaviour ... but let's get your data transferred over first, and then we'll work on updating to the latest and greatest. ;)

    Now, you should be able to get your data from your iOS devices by setting up 1Password on your Mac as a new user. Be sure to use the same Master Password that is currently protecting your iOS devices, and then use Wi-Fi sync. This will pull the data from your iOS device onto your Mac.

    Please let me know how that works!

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