Database backup suddenly fails under one out of 2 accounts

I'm running into a problem very similar to
I'm on version 3.8.22 on Mac OS 10.9.5.
A shared DB is used on two accounts, my wife's and mine. Only under my account, the database backup fails with the same error as in the post above.
I've tried all Troubleshooting stuff under the Help menu. I've manually set the access rights on the Backup folder, I've tried another Backup folder, I've Exported All to the Backup folder which does work, so it's not in the folder permissions I've concluded.
When referring to the Troubleshooting tool on your site, it appears the download links are broken, see
broken link:
Other versions seems broken as well.

I'd appreciate your help, 1PW has been running fine until 1 weeks ago, I can see because that's when the last successful backup was created.

Gerard from The Netherlands


  • Hi @widorgel,

    The thread you linked to described a set up where the 1Password.agilekeychain was stored in the Shared folder. With the default permissions that folder is not suitable for properly sharing an .agilekeychain. So can I ask, are you sharing the .agilekeychain with this folder or via Dropbox?

    I couldn't guarantee it's connected to what you're seeing but I do wonder if the read/write permissions on the individual files in the .agilekeychain bundle are the cause.

  • Hi, thanks for your feedback. It is indeed a shared folder and I have (in the past) set the folder permissions to be read/write for both myself and my wife. Worked like a charm for years already. I had already set these permissions again when problems occurred - just to make sure - but to no avail. I had used the option to also write the permissions 'downwards' in the hierarchy to objects enclosed in the 1Password folder. This evening I found the logs and saw that indeed the problem was still related to the permissions, so I opened the package of the agilekeychain and worked through all individual folders to reset permissions again, including object down in the hierarchy. Finally the items in the data>default folder appeared to be causing the problem. So, problem fixed :-) !

  • Hi @widorgel,

    Glad we managed to discover the root of the issue. I've messaged you here on the forums.

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