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I'm looking for a way to license a copy of 1Password 3 -- I wasn't able to find a link for explicitly generating a 1Password 3 key, hence this post. for what it's worth I have already purchased a license for 1Password running on my iPhone and just need something running on my computer to access the info on the keychain. I'm stuck with OSX 10.7, otherwise I would be running a more recent version of 1Password.



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    Hi @dbarella,

    So the bad news is I do have to let you know our licences are per platform. So a licence for iOS doesn't cover you for Mac or Windows - sorry.

    A purchase of 1Password 5 from our store though will entitle you to run anything from 1Password 3 all the way to version 5 and versions 3-5 are all available on our AgileBits Download page. Should you upgrade your Mac at some point your licence is still for version 5 and so you can install and use the newer version at that point. Now 1Password 3 makes use of a licence key rather than the licence file that 1Password 4/5 use but this key should be generated automatically when you purchase 1Password 5. If it isn't we will address that as soon as you make us aware of this blip but I'm confident the 1Password 3 key is generated automatically. Depending on the version of 1Password for iOS that you're running you may find Dropbox is the only sync method available to you. iCloud sync isn't available in 1Password 3 and Wi-Fi Sync was overhauled along with the rest of the code between versions 3 & 4. This means they have incompatible protocols for Wi-Fi Sync. This still leaves Dropbox though as the platform agnostic and pretty much version agnostic cloud sync service of choice though.

    If you have any followup questions regarding any of that please do ask :smile:

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