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Hello. I've been using 1Password with Dropbox for a while now, and it's great. I changed jobs last year and DropBox wasn't reachable, although I was able to install 1Password. So I took a copy of my vault from Dropbox and have been maintaining two separate vaults ever since.

I would like to update both vaults to contain all updates from either, as they've become rather out of sync, but I don't want to lose anything from one that's not in the other. I've read various posts about merging on a Mac, but as I'm on Windows these instructions don't appear to be relevant to me - at least I'm unable to follow them on the Windows client.

Please note: I'm an application sequencer, so I know my way around the OS - feel free to be as technical in your response as you please.

I'm currently using version Many thanks in advance.


  • Valiante
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    Nevermind, I figured out I could sync the most recent *.password files in the 1Password.agilekeychain\data folder using Beyond Compare, then merge the changes in the contents.js file manually. All good now, thanks anyway. Happy for this to be closed.

  • RichardPayne
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    I'm impressed. That's a delicate job and not for the feint of heart.

  • That's an understatement Richard :)

    @Valiante look out for any kind of conflicts in the database please. Although with your level of knowledge I wouldn't expect any.
    The safer solution would've been to export the data from one of the vaults as a .1pif file and import it into the other one.

    This might've left you with a couple of duplicates to clean up, but after that you could've simply dumped the .1pif and one of the vaults.

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