How do I reverse "never for this site"?

I told 1password to never save a password for several sites I regularly access. How do I go back and have it remember those passwords for me now?


  • svondutch
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    1. Start 1Password
    2. Unlock
    3. Click on: File > Preferences (Ctrl+P) > Auto-Save
    4. Remove the domain from "Avoid Auto-Save on these Domains"
  • techassist
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    svondutch, thanks very much. When I start the program, it says it's running in "demo mode" and wants me to "order now." Does this mean that 1password is not free after all? I searched and searched before I started using it to see if they were going to hit me with a fee after I had set everything up. I thought it was free. Why don't they tell me up front how much it's gonna cost?

  • svondutch
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    I thought it was free.

    @techassist Where did you see this? 1Password for Windows is in demo mode for 30 days and up to 20 items. After this "try before you buy" period, you need a license if you have a need for more than 20 items:

    Why don't they tell me up front how much it's gonna cost?

    We do:

    Please note the mobile apps (for iOS and Android) are free but do require an in-app purchase for some of the advanced features.

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