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  • I need help please! I bought the license keys for both ios[and windows. I have used the trial version on mac, but I want to use my 1password on windows, now also. I already bought the keys for both and I have downloaded the program in my windows. I only get three options available new, existing, and backup. but I haven't used windows 1password on this so I cant use the 2 options below and im not new to 1password. please help thanks

  • RichardPayne
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    1) New to 1Password. This is for when you don't have a vault already created. This will take you through the vault creation process.

    2) Existing User. This is for when you have a vault available for sync via Dropbox or Wifi.

    3) Restore Backup. This is for restoration of a backup previously created by 1Password for Windows.

    I'm assuming that you already have a vault in iOS. In which case you need to setup Dropbox sync:

    Once the vault has synced then you can use the "existing user" option when 1Password for Windows starts.

  • What Richard said ;)

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