Dropbox Sync Without Dropbox Client installed


How i can made a Dropbbox Sync without installed the Dropbox Client on my Local Computer?

the Button in Preferences / General / Move to Dropbbox is Disabled

any Hints or Tips



  • RichardPayne
    Community Member

    You can't. You need the Dropbox client installed. All the Move to Dropbox button does it move an existing, locally stored, vault into the Dropbox folder.

  • xxxGURUxxx
    Community Member

    yea thx,
    hope so then, on my work computer i canot install the dropbox client so i have no sync with my
    ios hardwares :-( and computer at home :-(

    Wish the include the Dropbox API Sync


  • What RichardPayne and brenty said :chuffed:

  • Hi xxxGURUxxx,

    There is the option of the Wi-Fi sync if that's allowed on your computer but most companies don't allow Bonjour service to be installed on the computer or used on the network.

    Also, even if we include the Dropbox Sync API, there's the chance that your company's IT department have blocked Dropbox syncing as well.

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