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Setting up 2nd user on mac

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OK, I'm new to 1Password today. I purchased 1Password on a Mac this morning shared by my wife and I. I will also use on two iPhones .

I've set my (our) fault up and am now trying to configure on my wife's Mac user side of our computer. I'm fine with one vault / one master password and setting up folders inside of 1Password for your...mine...ours. (Unless there's a strong recommendation about this.)

I selected 'existing user' not 'new user' and I'm at the screen asking how I want to sync. Thought selection would be 'This Mac' and now I'm looking at screen asking me to select a folder for .agilekeychain or .opvault.

I'm stuck.


  • Drew_AGDrew_AG
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    Hi @dillida,

    It's great that you're starting to use 1Password! (Thanks for your purchase!)

    So if I understand, you and your wife have different Mac user accounts on the same Mac, and you set up 1Password on your Mac user account, now you're trying to set it up on your wife's Mac user account? If so, in this case it might help to think of each Mac user account as a separate Mac. The "I've used 1Password before" option assumes you've already used one of the sync options in 1Password (like Dropbox sync), or that you have a copy of a backup file from 1Password, etc. So, you'll need to set up something in 1Password from your own Mac user account first.

    Before getting into sharing your vault, let's start with syncing your data. It sounds like you want to sync your 1Password data with some iOS devices, and I noticed that you also purchased a license for the Windows version of 1Password. To best way to sync your 1Password data between Mac, iOS, and Windows is to use Dropbox sync. To set that up in 1Password on your own Mac user account, you can follow these steps.

    The next step is getting that to 1Password on your wife's Mac user account. Do you and your wife want to have access to all of the exact same information in 1Password, and have all changes sync back & forth? Or do you each have some information you want to keep separate, as well as some information you want to share? Normally, we recommend keeping your own, personal data in your Primary vault, and creating a secondary vault for just the information you want to share with someone else. But if you both want to have access to all the same 1Password data, you can do that too.

    If you want to create a secondary vault, you can find information about that here: Multiple Vaults

    If you use Dropbox sync, and if you and your wife use separate Dropbox accounts, you can share a vault by following the steps here: Share a vault

    That might be a bit more information than you were expecting, but hopefully it's helpful! Please let us know if you have any questions about that so far (and if I've confused you, I apologize). If you need help to set any of that up, let us know and we'll take it from there. Thanks!

  • dillidadillida
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    Thanks for the response. I haven't been back into this yet, but I still need to. Your explanations all make sense and are all very helpful. I think the links you sent me will get me everything I need. If not, ...I'll be back!

  • littlebobbytableslittlebobbytables
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    Hi @dillida,

    Please do keep us updated :smile:

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