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The Problem:
The problem that faces me (and probably many others) is that some sites have sister sites that allow you to login with the same details. If you create a login on one of the sites, you can login at all of the sites. (1 user account, multiple sites).
As login items only work at 1 URL, you are forced to create multiply login items in 1PWD all with the same login info (appart from the URL).
There are two main problems with this:
  1. It's very time consuming to copy all the data for multiple items.
  2. If you change your password on 1 of these sites, only one login item is updated in 1PWD. You then have to manually go change them all or try to enter the correct password next time you try to sign in at any of the other sites, so it updates in 1PWD.

A perfect example of this is TUAW. Create a user at the site and then you have access to Engadget, Download Squad, Autoblog and more than 10 others offered by the "Weblogs Inc. Network.".

The Solution:
Allow multiple URLs to be entered in the URL section of the login item (like a list of URLs).

I'm guessing that this wouldn't be that hard to implement, but would bring fantastic benefits to almost all users of 1PWD. Thanks.


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    daba wrote:
    ...It's very time consuming to copy all the data for multiple items.

    I just wanted to point out that you can select a Login entry, choose Duplicate from the context menu, change the name and website in the duplicate, and you're done. Couldn't be easier.

    Being able to associate a single Login entry with multiple sites would be a good thing, for just the reasons you mention.
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    Hi daba

    The reasoning behind this is 1P uses url matching to help protect you from malicious sites that may be attempting to gain your personal information. Its a difficult balancing act this has been requested multiple times. I am not sure or any plans on this request. Just thought I would let you know the reasoning.
  • NedNed Junior Member
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    The main problem here is the inconvenience when you change a passwod that should also be changed for other logins.

    How about keeping the separate logins, one per URL, but linking the records in 1P so that a password change is applied to all?
  • NikNik 1Password Alumni
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    Thanks for the feedback. We are working on domain aliasing, but we don't have a timeframe for when it will be completed.
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