Iphone4 to iPad2 date restore?

I love 1Password Pro on my iPhone and just added it to my new iPad2. I don't have the Mac desktop client but I thought that I could restore a database file created from my iPhone to my new iPad using the backup and restore function. The restore seems to have worked but when I'm prompted to type in my master password it I get an invalid password error. Am I doing something wrong? I just want to add all of my passwords from my iPhone to my iPad without having to re-type them or buy another software. Thanks!


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    Hi Genel, welcome to the forums!

    When restoring the data on the iPad 2, did you restart 1Password completely? The way to restart an application on iOS 4 is:
    1. Press the Home button twice, it'll bring up the multitasking bar
    2. Find 1Password, tap and hold it for a few seconds till you see the red "-" sign shows up
    3. Tap the - sign to remove it off the multitasking bar
    4. Press the home button twice to get rid to the bar and now start 1Password again

    Please note that we’re noticing a few users having issues with the auto-fill in 1Password on the iPad 2, it seems to be crashing when you fill. You may not have this bug but I want you to be aware of this. We’re working on resolving the issues with iPad 2 as soon as we can, I do not have an estimate on this.
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