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I am just evaluating 1Password as a way of sharing logins and other information with my wife, i.e., maintaining a single keychain for our joint logins, credit cards, etc. Ideally, I would like to use folders so to resolve namespace issues, but it seems as if folder support is not quite as extensive as we would need for this to work well. For example, we both have Facebook accounts. I can create a separate login for each account and add it to our respective folders with the name 'Facebook'. That allows me to use the folder to select the right account in 'Go and Fill...', but if I have already loaded the Facebook login page, I can't use the Fill Login menu item because both accounts are called 'Facebook'. I don't know which one to choose. Of course, I could add our names to all the items, but that seems to remove the value of folders.

Is there any reason why all the menu items cannot have folder submenus? This applies to credit cards as well - when autofilling a form, I would like to be able to select hers or mine. In some ways, I would like to merge folders and identities, since they are serving similar purposes here.


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    We have been having the same issue well for a very long time.

    We append ours like

    Facebook - th
    Facebook - bh

    Incidentally all our items have this creditcards, accounts etc, This really becomes necessary as I maintain accounts for the parents on various sites like Dropbox.
    This also works well for google as my screen shot shows.

    You will see that some accounts are different like my Dropbox account is "DropBox" not Dropbox to me this is a reminder its the main one and all of my shared folder originate from it. etc going out to all the relatives etc

    Its not ideal but it works and we always know who's item it is I am trying to use.
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    Thanks for confirming that it is an issue. It would seem to be a relatively easy fix if the developers agree with our diagnosis, so I would make the following feature request:

    Please add folder submenus to the 'Credit Card' and 'Fill Login' browser plugin menus. The 'Fill Login' menu only needs to have folder submenus if there is any ambiguity given the context, i.e. more than one login for that web page.

    In the longer term, I am sure there are a variety of other improvements necessary for those who want to share one keychain file, but they may involve more structural changes so I will save them for another post.
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    One alternative is to use the go and fill from the 1p button, click search, enter password, the hud menu will appear, in the box select login you will find a folder break down. Maybe that will help you more. Personally I use the 1P button the most.
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