Getting your data into the OPVault format

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See the update, below! (regarding Windows Modern Alpha)

You can find the guide in the 1Password knowledgebase:

Switching to OPVault from Agile Keychain


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    Even though AgileBits is moving away from the Agile Keychain sync format, we knew it would be much easier for many of you simply to open your existing .agilekeychain folder than to convert it to OPVault sync format first.

    That's why we've now added the ability to read Agile Keychain format vaults synced to your OneDrive or Dropbox account or to a folder!

    We'll leave these instructions (above) posted for a while, in case you want to do the conversion for some reason, but it's no longer a requirement for getting your 1Password data into the 1Password for Windows Modern app.

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