Rearranging Secure Notes

Hey all

I have lots of secure notes stored on my 1Pv3 system, and I'd like to be able to drag them into "groups" in an order that makes sense to me. For example, if I have secure notes with email passwords, as I add a new note, I'd like to be able to put it, say, 10th in the list, as opposed to at the bottom (10th place being where I have my other email notes grouped). I tried just dragging the note, but I wasn't able to custom order them.

Is this doable somehow that I'm not seeing?



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    Hey railhead,

    While there is not currently a way to manually order the list, please consider sorting items in folders or using tags to create smaller, easier to manage lists.

    I also use the built-in search frequently. When you first launch 1Password, the search field automatically has focus, so you can just start typing the first few letters of the item you are looking for. At any other time, just press ⌘F on your keyboard to focus the search field and then start typing. :-)

    It's no manual sort, but I hope that helps. Please let me know.

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