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I have an interesting situation in here. I've searched around on your forum which states, that web version doesn't support iCloud.
Are you sure this is true? I've just reinstalled my macbook air, and my iMac. I have a trouble with appstore. 1password purchase stuck on ireland appstore. They have a bug, that when my Irish bank changes address to another country, cc stops working. Anyway.. Now I'm on Lithuanian appstore.
And ofcourse, I can't see my 1password purchase. But now here's an actual problem:

I've just downloaded your application from web, on freshly installed macs from web. On both macs, fresh iCloud setup. I've checked, it's finally in sync (After migration to Yosemite it was unsync'ed, not sure why..) So on macbook air, for "1password 5 from web" icloud sync is being shown. On iMac, it's not. Why? :)

Needless to say that, on iMac i have a backup restored, and it shows as "primary" vault. On macbook air, I haven't imported anything. Even created new vault on iMac, it still doesn't show iCloud sync option.


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    I can't comment on your adventures with various Mac App Stores, but it is true that the new CloudKit protocols that are being used with 1Password 5 on Yosemite cannot sync via iCloud, if the application is not purchased directly from Apple. The AgileBits web version isn't permitted by Apple to use those routines. That's Apple's policy, not a decision by AgileBits.

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    Hi @holms,

    I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you've had with the Mac App Store! We don't have control over how the Mac App Store works when you change the Country/Region setting, but if possible, you can try switching it back to the Ireland App Store to see if it allows you to re-download 1Password 5 for Mac.

    As hawkmoth said, iCloud sync is only available in the Mac App Store version of 1Password 5 for Mac because it uses Apple's new CloudKit technology, which can only be used by apps sold through the Mac App Store. We'd absolutely love to be able to include that in the AgileBits Store version of 1Password as well, but unfortunately that's not currently possible.

    If 1Password 5 is showing an option to sync with iCloud on one of your Macs, it must be the Mac App Store version. If it doesn't have an iCloud option on your other Mac, that is the version from our website. You can find more information here: I do not see the option to sync with iCloud in 1Password for Mac

    You can also check the version number and which store it was downloaded from by opening the main 1Password app on each Mac and going to the menu for 1Password > About 1Password.

    Sorry for the confusion about that! Hopefully that helps to clear things up a bit, but please let us know if you have more questions, or need help with your available sync options. Thanks!

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