1password 5 on mavericks?

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i have two macbook pro's, one running yosimite and one running mavericks. Can the one running yosimite upgrade to version 5 and the mavericks also use version 5?


  • danco
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    The Mavericks machine can only use 1PW4 (available in the Legacy section towards the bottom of the download page), the Yosemite machine can use 1PW5.

    You don't say what version you currently have, and where you bought it from.

    If you bought direct from AgileBits, then 1PW5 is a free upgrade from 1PW4, and the same license works for both 4 and 5. The upgrade from 1PW3 to1PW4 is a paid upgrade.

    If you bought from the Mac App Store, then the same is true except that there is no license (the purchase is tied to your Apple ID) and there is no discount for the upgrade from3 to4, you must pay full price. Also, another of Apple's rules means that you must buy 1PW5 on the Yosemite machine first and then you should be able to get 1PW4 on the Mavericks machine.

    If you want iCloud sync at some future point (I think 1PW4 does not do iCloud sync at all) you MUST buy through the App Store. But there are advantages in buying direct from AgileBits and using Dropbox to sync.

  • Drew_AG
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    Hi @johnhend,

    I hope danco's information helped to answer your question. In short, 1Password 5 for Mac requires OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), and 1Password 4 for Mac requires 10.9 or 10.8. A single purchase of 1Password 5 for Mac (from either the AgileBits Store or the Mac App Store) will also allow you to use 1Password 4 for Mac, at no extra charge. Or if you previously purchased 1Password 4 for Mac, the upgrade to version 5 is free.

    If you have more questions about that or need anything else, be sure to let us know - we're always happy to help! :)

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