WebDAV/FTP sync & multi keychain support

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Multikeychain support and /WebDAV Sync
Hello from Vienna!

First of all: Thank you for the great software 1Password. I use 1Password at work to store our server and application passwords in a safe way. It's really helpful, thank you for that!

I now want to integrate 1Password in our company as a password safe. There should be a way to give at least six people access to the keychain of 1Password.
It would be also fine to have a sync feature over WebDAV/(S)FTP. However I do not want to use Dropbox for that. I would prefer to store the keychain on our company webserver. I know that this way isn't supported in 1Password yet. Is it planned to integrate multiuser support over WebDAV,(S)FTP? Furthermore it would also be helpful to add multikeychain features (e.g. choose a keychain at the login window
of 1Password). I don't want to use other password managers like KeePassX. This would be a good feature.

Or is there maybe an easier way to get the keychain from a webserver?

Best regards,
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