Organizing Financial Passwords (1pass or Quickbooks)

I think I have read the documentation and looked at the videos but I am still confused as to what I can do with 1Pass. Can anyone help me out? I am trying to figure out if I should purchase the iphone app but need to know what I am doing.

1. Can I enter Financial and other types of "non-web browser" type information in 1Pass and easily retrieve it? If so, how do I do this and where is the documentation on these steps?

2. Can I /review/ my existing website based passwords and/or logins and change them through 1Pass or otherwise see which ones I want to change? Can I print them all out so I don't have to keep them manually? Can I enter the passwords /into/ 1 Pass from the list I have written down?

3. Right now I am having a terrible time figuring out which login names and which passwords I use for which sites (this site is another new one) - should 1Pass be the answer to this once I have gone through all the sites and asked it to remember these?

4. I have a bunch of financial information I have written down. Assets, Addresses, etc etc. Should I put these in one pass and buy the iPhone App so I have them with me or should I put them in Quickbooks which will be on my mac? Should I put them on both?



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