How is this supposed to work?
I've recently downloaded the trial version of the 1Password for Windows software and would like to understand how one function is supposed to operate. I created a folder by the name of Favorites and the dragged & dropped one of the entries in my Login folder into my new Favorites folder. That seemed to work, but I was surprised to find that the entry stayed in my Login folder even though I thought I'd moved it into my Favorites folder. Is this the way it's supposed to function?

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    In 1Password for Windows, the Vault area (the upper left quadrant) is where all items are stored by type, and the Folders area (the lower left quadrant) is where all items are stored by folder. They're not mutually exclusive.

    Here's how I like to describe them:

    • Every item in 1Password is always listed in exactly one of the following locations:
      • Logins vault
      • Wallet vault
      • Software vault
      • Secure Notes vault
      • Identities vault
      • Generated Passwords category (if set to be visible)
      • Trash

    • Every item (unless it's in the Trash) is listed in the built-in All folder,
      which always lists all of your 1Password items, regardless of type.

    • Every item (unless it's in the Trash) can also be in a folder that you created;
      if it isn't, it's automatically listed in the built-in Unassigned smart folder.

    I hope that helps, JScott.
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