Does TOTP in 1Password work with Apple ID?

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I have 2-Step Verification set up on my Apple ID. I'll be traveling out of the country for 3 weeks and will not have access to my US-based mobile number; I'll be using foreign SIM cards in my iPhone 6 while overseas.

I'd like to still have access to my Apple ID account page while away, but also do not want to disable 2-Step Verification. Is there a way to set up 2-Step Verification in 1Password using 1Password's TOTP feature? Or, do I have to use an app like Google Authenticator or Authy for accessing my Apple ID account page?

Also, is there a list located anywhere on the AgileBits website that shows all the sites, accounts, etc. that are compatible with 1Password's TOTP feature? That'd be handy to have access to, as I could just go through that list and change any accounts and such that are there without having to remember what is set up for 2FA and what isn't.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    No it won't work, and I don't know the technical stuff of why. Google Authinicator will not work either. Now if you have you apple device with find my iPhone on, you can use that as long you have cell service of wifi. When you log into you account with will ask how to send the code as a text (cell phone number) or you apple device. That should help you.

    Off hand I know these sites work:

    Edit: another idea too. If you know this other number, you can add that to your account and just delete it when you're done with it. You can have more than one number on your account for this. I have mine and my wife's on mine in case there is an issue.

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    @prime YES! Thanks for the reply. I forgot that messages could be sent directly to your iOS devices without the need for a mobile number. That eliminates the need, really, for setting up TOTP in 1Password for Apple ID, or having to use an app like Authy or Google Authenticator. As long as my iPad and iPhone have access to wifi or cell service, they'll be able to receive that message.

    Thanks again! I can fly tomorrow with a bit more ease.

  • @The18thLetter not a problem, I'm glad I can help! Safe travels!

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    Hi @The18thLetter,

    It looks like you're all sorted with a couple of informative posts from prime, thank you @prime for that :smile:

    As you are now aware, there are only two ways to work with Apple's Two-Step verification. You have SMS or you can have a code sent directly to a registered device as long as it's connected. Apple use their own system and I doubt it will ever be compatible with some of the more open systems out there. Have a nice trip :smile:

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