I like this program on my Macbook, but now I don't know my passwords on my ipad.

Allen Huff
Allen Huff
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I like this program on my Macbook, but now I don't know my passwords on my ipad witch renders it useless, how can I share the info. Do I have to pay another 40$ or what.

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  • danco
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    You have to get 1PW for iOS, which is free but with an in-app purchase for extra features.

    And then you have to set up syncing.

    All this is easy enough to do, but depends on your versions of 1PW and operating system, and your preferred method of syncing.

    Most people prefer either Dropbox sync (available on all versions) or iCloud sync (only available if the Mac version was bought from the Mac App Store, not direct from AgileBits). It really is a matter of personal preference which of the two to use.

    If you don't like the idea of syncing using the cloud, you can use wi-fi sync.

    Some of this can be difficult (impossible?) if you are on older operating systems, which require older versions of 1PW. That's why you are asked to give your 1PW version and OS.

  • Vee_AG
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    Hi @Allen Huff,

    As danco mentioned, 1Password for iOS is free to download and use with basic features (including access to all your saved passwords with sync), and you can get it from the App Store.

    Here is some more information about sync options. If you have any more specific questions, we are happy to help. :)

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