Three questions -I am afraid to let 1P assign a password, the site will have one password and 1P ano

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No results for I am having 3 issues that are stopping me from using this product effectively 1) would like to use the password generator but don't see how get it into site the first time; 2) when in a program ebay, buy something and ebay automatically jumps pay-pal can not log because 1P is there 3) red about setting up second page bank do make work. The initial log-in super then at open..
Some tutorials would be worth paying for. I love the 1P

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    Hi @Ekaterina,

    We will certainly do our best to work with your for each of these.

    With issues 1 & 2 I feel like we can better help you if we know a bit more about how you're trying to use 1Password. The more detail, the better we understand your process and the better we should be able to write about how it should work.

    Now we also do have pages on how to Generate a strong password and on Changing a saved password. Both of these may prove informative in regards to issue 1 but they may not be exactly what you're looking for so either way, please do let us know.

    For issue 3, websites with multi-page logins such as banks or even Google now we have this KB article, Using 1Password with login sequences split across multiple pages.

    So there are three links there. I believe we will have helped somewhat with issue 3 and maybe with issue 1 but you will need to let us know if that is the case. Hopefully if you can describe your second issue in more detail we can also help there too :smile:

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